When you want your eyeballs and your taste buds to disagree.

yogurt flavored water
Credit: Courtesy of Suntory Food International Co.

When you sip out of a bottle of Blueberry Yogurina, you might be surprised by the texture and flavor. It may look like water, but the product itself is much more like a drinkable blueberry yogurt. It's kind of like Crystal Pepsi, see-through potato chips, or clear pumpkin pie: the delightful bizarreness of things that look like they should be nothing but definitely taste like something.

According to a statement, the sweet and sour blueberry-flavored beverage uses a whey-like substance derived from milk to give the product its yogurt-like flavor and mouthfeel, along with actual fruit extracts for the berry flavor. It's probably a lot of fun(?) to drink, having to reconcile what you're looking at with what you're tasting. Just don't mistake it for a bottle of H2O in your refrigerator and try to chug it after your morning run.

Right now, Blueberry Yogurina is only available in Japan, but the beverage company that created it, Suntory, has a huge global presence—it's the company behind Jim Beam, Maker's Mark, and Orangina, among other drinks. So, here's hoping the mindboggling effect of drinking what's basically a totally clear yogurt is popular enough that they bring Blueberry Yogurina to the States.

This isn't the first time Suntory has taken what would otherwise be a familiar beverage and made us rethink it by turning it clear. Their "Premium Morning Tea with Lemon" is a crystal clear take on lemon iced tea. There's also "Orangina French Sparkling," which, kind of like Crystal Pepsi, is an Orangina that looks like seltzer.

Blueberry Yogurina will hit the shelves of Japanese convenience stores on March 6. According to DesignTaxi, it'll come in two sizes: a 19-ounce bottle sold in stores for 131 yen (about US$1.20) and a 9-ounce version only sold in vending machines for 115 yen (about US$1.10).