Wintersmiths has successfully launched two clear ice makers on Kickstarter before; their latest product promises more shapes in larger quantities.
wintersmiths phantom
Credit: Courtesy of Kelsey Ann Rose

How are you making your ice? If you answered, “By putting water in trays and then throwing them in my freezer,” consider yourself either unfortunate enough – or lucky enough – to have never become an ice snob. That isn’t to say you can’t still make ice at home, but true beverage aficionados understand that if you’re putting ice in your drink – be it a cocktail, a cold brew or a common soda – that ice becomes as important as any other ingredient, and therefore you shouldn’t skimp on using the best ice you can. That’s where Wintersmiths comes into play, and the company’s latest Kickstarter campaign promises to offer its best ice maker yet.

“There are generally four elements to a great cocktail: glassware, ice, liquid and garnish,” Wintersmiths explains in its Kickstarter video. “While most cocktail lovers wouldn’t settle for less than perfect ingredients or glassware, they’re often forced to settle for cloudy, impure ice that looks bad, melts quickly and dilutes their hard-earned drinks.”

That’s the gist of the company’s mission: Ice making devices that created crystal clear ice which, beyond having visual appeal, also melts slower and thus keeps drinks cold while maintaining their integrity for longer. The brand has used Kickstarter to launch two projects previously: The Ice Baller and The Ice Chest. It’s newest project, Phantom, offers the same ice quality but with greater quantity and more versatility when it comes to choosing your shapes – all using regular tap water and your own freezer. As a result, Phantom bills itself as “the first complete clear ice system for professional bartenders and home mixologists alike.”

So how the heck does it work? Well, Wintersmiths doesn’t get into the technical details behind their design; however, they do state that the Phantom uses a “double-wall vacuum insulated stainless steel container, food grade silicone rubber and BPA-free plastic trays” to create its clear cubes, spheres, spears, crescents and prisms. And apparently someone believes these guys have perfected their design over the past four years: With 29 days left to go on its campaign, the brand has already raised over $185,000 from over 1,400 backers – well beyond its $50,000 goal.

Perfect ice isn’t cheap: If you want a Phantom with all its shape trays shipped out upon its scheduled release in May 2018, it’ll require a pledge of $159. (You can get it with just one shape tray for $99.) That said, Wintersmiths states that before they came along, the devices on the market to create similar clear ice cost over a grand. So maybe the Phantom is a bargain? It really comes down to how much of an ice snob you are.