By Carey Jones
Updated January 07, 2016
Credit: Courtesy of Viviane

Chef Michael Hung is well-known in Los Angeles for his work at highly acclaimed restaurant Faith & Flower and, now, his new spot, Viviane. But as refined as his tastes are, chef Hung, in his words, has a dirty little secret: “I grew up eating at Arby’s!” he says. “My uncle would take us there for a treat, and I have fond memories of their roast beef and Horsey Sauce.”

On a recent visit, the roast beef at Arby’s wasn’t quite what Hung wanted flavor-wise, but the nostalgia was still strong: “My memories of clambering into the car with my siblings and cousins for a trip to Arby's have always stayed with me.” So Hung devised a chef’s take on the sandwich, with a huge upgrade on the beef, bun, and more.

The bread: Chunky potato-rosemary rye from Bread Lounge.

The filling: Hung seasons boneless prime rib eye, sears at high heat for a great crust, then slow-roasts with thyme and crushed garlic. That joins savoy cabbage slaw, lettuce, tomato, and a seriously upgraded Horsey Sauce — a housemade horseradish aioli.