By Carey Jones
Updated September 19, 2014
© Distilled

Where: Distilled; New York City

What: This Tribeca food-and-drinkery is actually an excellent place to give yourself a hangover (a few too many mezcal and chipotle-honey Sueño Vidas will do the trick). But it’s an equally smart choice to erase one the day after. Biscuits and gravy are a classic Southern rib-sticking breakfast, but chef Shane Lyons modernizes his pork sausage–based gravy with gochugaru (a Korean chile powder) and “magic dust” (his proprietary, kick-everything-up spice blend). A little magic dust with your hangover sounds smart to us.

Wash it down with: Of course, Distilled has superior brunch cocktails, including the Mornin’ Moon, a green Bloody with moonshine, tomatillo, heirloom tomato, garlic, pickle and cilantro, or the mead-based Meadmosa, available by the 750ml jar.