Credit: © Neo Vision / Getty Images

Sometimes a good deed really can make up for a bad one.

This year, the city of Lexington, Kentucky is once again running their “Food for Fines” program, which allows people to pay off parking tickets by donating food. The program, which runs from November 16 to December 18, gives violators $15 off for every 10 canned food items that are donated. Serial jerks who hate following parking laws can even donate multiple times if they have multiple tickets – and even past-due tickets are eligible.

According to the Lexington Herald-Leader, “The parking authority suggests large cans — 14-15 ounces — of fruits, vegetables, proteins and peanut butter. No out-of-date, damaged or open canned goods will be accepted.” And seriously, people, the city is giving you an opportunity here. It’s one thing to screw over the government by breaking parking laws; it’s another thing to try to cheat the hungry by passing off crappy cans.

Last year, during the program’s inaugural run, it was only open to a limited type of tickets and the city still collected over 6,200 cans of food. Thanks to that success, they’ve expanded the program this year. “We hope by opening the program up to all types of citations, we'll see the numbers increase,” said Gary Means, executive director of LexPark. Maybe one day they’ll even expand it to other crimes. How many cans do you think it would take to cover an embezzlement charge?

Regardless, this holiday season, hungry families in Lexington will have something different to be thankful for: shitty parkers.