ApartmentGuide.com crunched the numbers on major cities across the U.S.

Coffee is a major part of life in these United States. The statistical consensus seems to be that the average American downs around three cups of joe per day. I’m drinking a cup while writing this story; you may be drinking one as you read it. And yet, America is a large country with plenty of diversity — so are some cities more reliant on coffee than others?

Most Coffee Shops per City
Credit: Tzido/Getty Images

One way to find out — at least according to the people at the rental resource ApartmentGuide.com — is to take all of America’s major cities, tally up the number of places you can grab a cup of coffee, and then determine how many of these outlets exist there per capita… which is exactly what the site did. According to the methodology, ApartmentGuide.com looked at every metropolis with a population of over 100,000, then “added up the coffee-related businesses and attractions in each city in the following categories — coffee shops, coffee and tea establishments and cafes.” (A rep for the site said these numbers “came from commercially available data which we licensed.”) With this info in hand, the site calculated the number of coffee businesses per resident. And ostensibly, if access to as many coffee shops as possible is important to you, the results could be used when determining where to rent an apartment, I suppose.

Overall, though Seattle is probably the U.S. city most associated with coffee, it only finished fourth on the list. It was edged out by one of the West Coast’s other largest cities, San Francisco, which landed the number three spot. Interestingly enough, Vancouver, Washington — a city of about 175,000 that, despite its name, is located across from Portland, Oregon, on the state’s southern border, not across the better known Vancouver on the Canadian border — took the second spot. And finally, topping the list is that mecca of college students and hippies, Berkeley, California — which ApartmentGuide.com points out is also where Peet’s Coffee was founded.

Here’s the entire list, along with the number of coffee business per resident:

10. Ann Arbor, MI — one for every 2,825 people
9. Everett, WA — one for every 2,752 people
8. Pittsburgh, PA — one for every 2,607 people
7. Minneapolis, MN — one for every 2,427 people
6. Salt Lake City, UT — one for every 2,387 people
5. Portland, OR — one for every 2,322 people
4. Seattle, WA — one for every 2,308 people
3. San Francisco, CA — one for every 2,297 people
2. Vancouver, WA — one for every 2,224 people
1. Berkeley, CA — one for every 2,073 people