Does your hometown make the list?
halloween candy survey for each state
Credit: Boston Globe / Getty Images

Are you a Halloween obsessed, trick-or-treating super-fan, who waits all year for the one night a year when it is not only perfectly acceptable but actually encouraged to gorge on candy? Would you travel just about anywhere to get the best candy on Halloween night? Or maybe you might just be curious about what cities give out the best candy on Halloween. A new survey from Instacart, the groceries delivery service, made their own ranking of Halloween candy (which you can view here) and then “analyzed roughly one million orders in [the] weeks leading up to Halloween 2016 across the 39 US states in which Instacart operates to…identify which cities had a higher frequency of ordering the candies on our [list],” according to a statement from the company.

Chicago; Washington, D.C.; Indianapolis, Seattle; and Los Angeles were in the top five best cities to go trick-or-treating. In Chicago and Washington, D.C., people giving out treats on Halloween prefer to distribute candy bars; the most-purchased candies in those two cities were Snickers and Twix respectively. In Indianapolis, the candy of choice is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, while Seattle gives out Twizzlers the most, and in Los Angeles you’ll likely find Sour Patch Kids the most.

Unfortunately, there are also several cities that give out candy nobody wants. You probably remember them well from your childhood: The houses you and you friends avoided because they gave our tootsie rolls—which always went straight into the discard pile when you got home to sort your loot on the living room floor—and toothbrushes. These cities, according to Instacart, are full of those houses. You find smarties, one of the blandest, but most common Halloween candies, in Atlanta, for instance. And in San Antonio, you’re likely to find candy corn, the most controversial Halloween candy, in your bag at the end of the night. In Boston, they give out Laffy Taffy, and in the number one worst city to go trick-or-treating, Philadelphia, they give out one candy the most: those infamous Tootsie Rolls.

There’s one problem with Instacart’s rankings, in my estimation at least. San Francisco, the city that came in at number five on the worst cities for trick-or-treating list, mostly ordered Dum Dums from Instacart around Halloween. Dum Dums—especially if you get your hands on the coveted Blue Raspberry flavor—are an essential, I might even venture to say a sacred, Halloween candy. Therefore I move to have San Francisco elevated in the rankings. They’re way better than Twizzlers (which are just fake Red Vines), at the very least. Sorry, Seattle.