Two Napa Valley grape growers transform an unusual space into a striking round kitchen.


When Melinda and Ralph Mendelson, whose Pedregal Vineyards in Napa Valley produces grapes for Ramey Wine Cellars, built an addition on their house, they chose a striking design. It included a round kitchen with a butcher-block island in the center. But the shape posed unusual problems. For example, the room is bordered by curved counters, but it was difficult to construct concave cabinets. The Mendelsons faceted them instead, to create the illusion of a curve. The 25-foot-high ceiling made it hard to find a hood for the Wolf cooktop ($2,375; 800-332-9513). Eventually the Mendelsons ordered a custom copper model ($12,000 and up from Copperworks; 707-762-5530).

Warming drawer
The 24-inch Thermador is conveniently located under the Wolf cooktop. DETAILS $970; 800-656-9226.

The two Thermadors were installed in the wallbecause Melinda's quite tall. DETAILS $3,600 for the pair; 800-656-9226.

The Sub-Zero Over-Under fridge is custom-paneled in Douglas fir. DETAILS From $5,000; 800-222-7820.

The curved glass shelves hang from the ceiling on cables.

Countertops and backsplash
Cutting the green granite into arcs left lots of extra stone, so the pieces left over from the counters were used to tile a tabletop. The Mendelsons wanted a granite backsplash, but it was too hard to craft the proper curve. They chose stainless steel instead.

Beverage fridge
A Sub-Zero 245 under-counter refrigerator stores drinks beneath the barware shelves. DETAILS From $1,650; 800-222-7820.

Bar sink
The Elkay LCGR2552 doubles as a prep sink. DETAILS From $610; 630-572-3192.

The cabinets are made of vertical grain Douglas fir.

The Bosch dishwasher is extra quiet. DETAILS $950; 800-944-2904.

Stained slate gray, the concrete floors mimic the stone path outside.

The Mitsubishi TV swivels on a Lucasey stand. DETAILS From $80; 800-LUCASEY.