The cookie butter-maker's cookie crumble will be available atop buns and shakes.
Credit: Courtesy of Cinnabon

The most delicious smell at the airport is about to take on a more European tinge, thanks to Cinnabon's newly-announced partnership with Belgian snack-maker Lotus Biscoff. For a limited time, the cinnamon roll bakery chain is offering Biscoff Cookie crumbles as a topping on its Cinnamon Rolls or "Center of the Roll" to-go bites, combining the breakfast/dessert combo with further snack/dessert elements.

The Biscoff Cookie crumbles promise "crunchy, caramelized flavor" to contrast with the cinnamon rolls' "brown sugar bursts," which Cinnabon described in a press release as "ooey-gooey," a phrase they've trademarked. If that's not ooey-gooey enough for you though, don't worry: the Biscoff Cookie crumbles will also make their way into drink form with the Biscoff Cookies & Cream Chillatta, which tops a creamy vanilla frappe swirled with caramel sauce with "a mountain of whipped cream" before applying the cookie crumble finish.

Owned by Lotus Bakeries, Biscoff is beloved in Europe for its cookie butter spread, which is essentially a peanut butter or Nutella-esque spread made out of cookies. The Biscoff spread, also known as speculoos butter, is used for a variety of deserts, including muffins, actual cookies, and Buttercream Bake Shop's Biscoff Cinnamon Cake, which head chef Tiffany MacIsaac stopped by to show us how to make yesterday.

Cinnabon, on the other hand, is as American as it gets, located mainly in "high traffic venues" like shopping malls, airports, train stations, travel plazas, entertainment centers, and military establishments, presumably to better lure you in by the nostrils. To celebrate the sugary transcontinental partnership, they're also offering the chance to win 100,000 air miles, which you could presumably use to travel the world seeking further Biscoff-based deserts. Whoever does win will have plenty of flights to wait for in airports, and plenty of Cinnabons to sniff out while they do.