Cinnabon Is Selling Pints of Icing, Because There's No Reason Not To

Plus you can have cinnamon buns and BonBites shipped anywhere in the country.

Okay, this year has been like 45 months long, and it still has what feels like 14 more months to go. On top of that, it gets dark at like two in the afternoon. It's tempting to change into your favorite sweats and disappear under a blanket on the couch until the clock hits 12:01 on January 1, but that's probably not practical—at least not unless you can take Zoom calls under there, too.

The next best thing in self-care might just be getting your hands on an entire pint of Cinnabon icing and trying to make it last through 25 straight days of Christmas movies. Cinnabon must know that we're all starved for good news, so it's now selling limited-edition pints of its Signature Cream Cheese Frosting, and it's shipping its classic cinnamon rolls, its BonBites, and MiniBons through Harry and David.

Cinnabon Frosting Pint

The company says the frosting is great for putting on cookies, mixing into a savory cheese ball, or as a topping for sweet potatoes—but it's undoubtedly just as good if you spoon it into your open mouth while you watch a movie where two people with perfect teeth have a Big Misunderstanding during their small town's holiday celebrations. (You can eat one bite of frosting every time they exchange Meaningful Glances, a bite when they have a Temporary Falling Out at about the one-hour mark, and just down the entire pint when the guy proposes in an elaborately decorated gazebo.)

We're not joking about that Christmas movie thing either: Cinnabon has partnered with the Freeform TV network during its upcoming 25 Days of Christmas movie marathon, and there's a special Freeform 25 Days of Christmas QR code under the lid of every frosting pint. If you scan that, you'll get an assortment of both sweet and savory holiday recipes. (Or you can get them on Cinnabon's website, if you're not into the QR thing).

"More so this year and especially during the holidays, cooking at home and enjoying meals together are central to how families are spending their time," Karyn Sarago, Cinnabon's chief marketing officer, said in a statement. "Cinnabon fans know our signature frosting makes our classic cinnamon rolls and holiday favorite PecanBon cinnamon roll oh-so-craveable—and now fans can bring that same frosting home as the perfect accompaniment to holiday cooking, baking and holiday movie watching, to enhance the simple pleasures, smells, tastes and homemade love that make this time of year so special."

Each limited-edition frosting pint starts at $5.99, and they're available from the Cinnabon bakery inside your local mall, or through various food-delivery providers. Cinnabon has also added some new merch to its online store, including a ringer tee with its OG logo, an on-point tie-dye cropped hoodie (with a cinnamon roll screenprinted on it, obvs), and fleece jogger pants.

We're not saying that those pants look like something you could wear until this cursed year is over, but we're not saying they're not like that either.

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