Cinnabon Launches Its 'First-Ever' Non-Cinnamon Baked Good

Chocolate BonBites hit U.S. Cinnabon stores this week.

Over the years, Cinnabon has kept things relatively simple: Sure, they've branched out into Churro Swirls and Cookie BonBites, but the main star of the show has always been their classic cinnamon roll. So just how rarely has the 37-year-old brand deviated from that underlying cinnamon theme? Well, Cinnabon has a new product, and the company says it's the first time they've ever skipped the cinnamon.

Launched this week, Chocolate BonBites are being billed as Cinnabon's "first-ever chocolate-filled baked treat" and "the brand's first-ever non-cinnamon treat." (Interestingly, for both statements, Cinnabon included the qualifier "in U.S. bakeries," making you wonder what kinds of products Cinnabon locations are whipping up overseas!)

This new spin on Cinnabon's tiny BonBites cinnamon roll is baked with the usual Cinnabon dough, but then — instead of cinnamon — is layered with a chocolate schmear on the inside and topped with both chocolate frosting and cream cheese frosting.

Cinnabon's Chocolate BonBites
Courtesy of Cinnabon

"We're a bakery-inspired brand, and that gives us the permission to experiment and get creative with new and popular dessert flavors, such as chocolate, within our treats," Michael Alberici, Cinnabon's vice president of marketing, stated — sounding like maybe he just read an article about Dominique Ansel. "We know chocolate is a classic, familiar flavor that Cinnabon fans love, and we are confident that guests nationwide will enjoy new Chocolate BonBites, too."

These limited time only Chocolate BonBites will be sold until September 11 in either 4-count or 16-count packs, with prices starting at $4.79. The chain says customers should be able to find them at mall bakeries, at Maverick and Pilot Flying J Travel Center locations, or via the new Cinnabon mobile app and food delivery platforms. Meanwhile, now that Cinnabon has broken the cinnamon ceiling, you have to wonder what other heights they might reach for. Imagine if they ever find a carton of Neapolitan ice cream and discover vanilla and strawberry!

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