The Cincinnati Zoo's biggest star also got her own beer. 

fiona the hippo has her own ice cream now
Credit: Courtesy of Graeter's Ice Cream

The biggest name in baby animals right now? Fiona. Don’t keep up with zoo news? Fiona is the Cincinnati Zoo’s baby hippo. She was born premature, and nursed to health by her dedicated team of veterinarians. At six months old, the adorable, chubby hippo is finally allowed to play with her parents, and is still capturing the hearts of Americans across the country.

Her dominance over animal-related news can be proven by the fact that Cincinnati-based companies are scrambling to cash in on her fame with food tributes. First, Listermann Brewing Company created the Team Fiona IPA, proceeds from which went to fund her care.

Now the Cincinnati ice cream company Graeters, one of Oprah Winfrey’s favorite ice cream brands, has introduced its new Fiona-themed flavor Chunky Chunky Hippo.

chunky chunky hippo
Credit: Courtesy of Graeter's Ice Cream

According to the website, Chunky Chunky Hippo features a toffee ice cream base, salted roasted peanuts and milk chocolate caramel truffles. Part of the proceeds from the sale of the ice cream will go to the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden.

"Fiona continues to bring people together from all over the world in so many ways," Chad Yelton, vice president of marketing at the zoo said in a statement. "We appreciate the support of Graeter's and are excited to share this Fiona-inspired ice cream flavor with the community that has rallied around her for the past six months."

Chunky Chunky Hippo is available at Graeters locations in Cincinnati, but if you don't live there and you're still dying to try a scoop of this hippo-themed treat, you can order their ice creams online. The one downside (or possibly upside, depending on who you ask) is that you have to order a pack of six pints from Graeters at a time. If you don't need six pints of ice cream, this might be the perfect excuse to get yourself to Cincinnati: Visit Fiona, taste the ice cream named after, grab a Fiona beer... your baby-hippo-themed vacation awaits!