MadTree’s Entropic Theory IPA sales will help support a local non-profit.
madtree brewing compay partners with stem
Credit: Courtesy of MadTree Brewing Company

Drinking a bunch of beers will probably not make you better at math and science; however, it could make someone else better at math and science. A brewery in Cincinnati is releasing a new beer with a portion of the proceeds going to support a non-profit dedicated to encouraging STEM education. That’s short for “Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math” for those of you who spend more time at the bar than at PTA meetings.

MadTree Brewing opened back in 2013, stating that it was “founded with a very scientific approach to brewing beer.” For example, the Ohio brewery says its forthcoming release, Entropic Theory IPA, was the result of more than 20 different recipe iterations, “a close partnership of the brewers and lab staff,” according company lab manager, Ellen Lehman. “It was a really rewarding process to use science to create art.”

That said, pretty much all breweries incorporate some level of science into their production (yeast are living microorganisms, after all), but for Entropic Theory, MadTree decided to put some of its money where its mouth is. The brewery has teamed up with the local non-profit iSPACE, which seeks to “spark curiosity and inspire interest” in children to further their STEM education. From there, students could go on to become computer scientists, nuclear engineers or, uh, brewers.

So for tomorrow’s release of the new IPA, the brewery will be holding an afternoon dedicated to science: From 4pm to 8pm, iSPACE will be on-site offering STEM activities for kids; meanwhile, for adults purchasing the beer, a portion of the proceeds will go to iSPACE. You could say the brewery and the non-profit will be forming a “symbiotic relationship” – assuming you wanted to show off your own STEM knowledge.

Events like MadTree’s are part of a growing trend of craft brewers creating products with a charitable educational component. Rogue even recently released a beer to help send future brewers to college. It’s a great way to support a cause or their local community and get some positive press along the way. Here’s hoping in the future we’ll be able to save the world with every pint.