This guy’s skills just might have you calling him “Cilantro Bae.”
A bunch of cilantro
Credit: Getty Images / Halfdark

Chopping herbs can be tricky, even for a well-seasoned chef. (Pun only somewhat intentional, sorry.) But luckily there are a few tricks and tips you can employ to make the job of freshening up the flavor of your dishes even easier. You can use a good, sharp chef’s knife, a pizza cutter or even a mezzaluna.

Those methods are all well and good for giving a good mince to a few stems of leafy aromatics for a dinner for four. But what if you need a TON of cilantro? That’s where this ultra-satisfying video has you covered. Posted initially to Snapchat, Twitter user Rebecca Castañeda published a video of an employee at her father’s restaurant, El Camino Real in Fullerton, CA, taking a knife to what is essentially a log of rolled up cilantro. Castañeda said in a tweet that due to popular demand she was “gifting” it to the other (more public) social media platform. And it’s easy to see why. Just watch:

Using a super sharp knife and by keeping the bunch of cilantro compact and rotating it a quarter of a turn every so often, the employee, Rogelio, is able to essentially shave off cup after cup at a time. Akin to other videos of factories producing pasta or pulling and cracking apart hard candies, this video plays right into that soothing and satisfying place in our minds (and stomachs).

The backstory, according to Castañeda’s Twitter feed, is that she recently relocated to San Diego where she has a job at Chipotle (a chain that also goes through its fair share of cilantro). On the insistence of her restaurant-owning father, Canstañeda filmed the video of Rogelio to essentially show them how it’s done. It even prompted one acquaintance of Castañeda to call the man “Cilantro Bae.”

And given that the video already has nearly three million views, Cilantro Bae just might be our first food crush of 2018.