Bedazzling Bourbon
Bourbon rarely comes in $250 bottles, but this Distillers' Masterpiece, aged in Cognac casks, merits the price. It's the work of two geniuses: bourbon man Booker Noe and Cognac maker Alain Royer (800-SPIRITED).

Grapes by Greg
Golfing great Greg Norman wields a corkscrew as easily as he does a nine iron now that he's making Cabernet and Chardonnay in Australia under the Greg Norman Estates label.

While most of the world's winemakers market their products yearly without regard to their neighbors, port houses like Taylor and Dow's are more community minded. They "declare" vintages only in years that (almost) everyone agrees are great. Best news: 1997 was a hit and the wines are available now.

Fit to be Tied
Few gift wraps for wine manage to be stylish, functional and cheap. This one is all three. Made of bendable wood that's tied with a leather strap, Williams-Sonoma's wine gift box is a mere $9.75 (sold only by catalog; 800-840-2591).

Pear of Aces
There's a new pub in Sonoma whose on-tap offerings aren't Coors or Chardonnay but cider--specifically pear, apple, honey and berry. It's called Ace in the Hole (3100 Gravenstein Hwy. N., Sebastopol; 707-829-1223).