By Mike Pomranz
Updated April 12, 2016
Credit: Courtesy of Imgur

Churros and ice cream might not seem like natural bedfellows. Churros, traditionally, come in the form of a stick. Ice cream is, for lack of a better description, a pile of frozen goo. You can dip your stick in goo or put goo on top of your stick, but neither combination is particularly elegant. (And both sound a bit R-rated.)

But that hasn’t stopped people from tying to unite to the two sweet foods. Over the past few years, the churro ice cream sandwich – made famous by Los Angeles’s Churro Borough –garnered attention for being a friendlier, handheld unity of ice cream and churro. And now, another emerging fad: the churro ice cream bowl.

The origins of the churro ice cream bowl are a bit harder to track down than you may expect. About a month ago, a photo of just such a dessert went viral on Reddit, though no one in the thread seemed to know where it came from. From there, interest in these bowls has grown, culminating in two big events this week. First, a forthcoming restaurant in Australian called Milky Lane has announced they’ll be adding churro ice cream bowls to their menu despite not even opening until May 6. Meanwhile, the YouTube channel Tasty took a more democratic root, helping to bring churro ice cream bowls to the masses by posting a video on how to make your own.

Regardless of where the churro ice cream bowl came from or how you plan on getting your hands on one (I’m guessing making your own may be a bit cheaper than flying to Sydney for the opening of Milky Lane), it’s very clear that the era of the churro ice cream bowl is here. At least for this month.