Chucky, Everyone's Favorite Killer Doll, Now Has His Own Pumpkin Beer

The official collaboration between Elysian Brewing and NBCUniversal has been launched to celebrate the second season of Chucky's eponymous TV show.

Chucky: A Killer Wit Beer
Photo: Courtesy of Elysian Brewing

First appearing in the 1988 movie Child's Play, Chucky — the knife-wielding killer doll of everyone's nightmares — has become a cultural icon over the ensuing 34 years. He's starred in eight feature films and, last year, landed an eponymous television series on Syfy and USA Network. Now, breaking more new ground: Chucky is getting his own beer just in time for Halloween.

Created in an official partnership between the show and the Seattle-based brand Elysian Brewing, Chucky: A Killer Wit Beer is a seasonal fall brew intended to be as "devious" as the doll. The pumpkin beer with a wheat base also includes cranberry juice for a 5.3 percent ABV brew billed as being "light in color with spine-chilling flavors of chamomile and cinnamon — the perfect combination of everything you love about the season." The cans put Chucky's creepy face front and center, and if you're looking for the beer on draft, keep an eye out for tap handle which looks like a giant knife.

Chucky: A Killer Wit Beer
Courtesy of Elysian Brewing

"Chucky is one of Halloween's most iconic, beloved characters, and we have found the perfect partner in Elysian Brewing to capture his spirit this season," Ellen Stone, executive vice president for entertainment consumer engagement and brand strategy at the networks' parent company NBCUniversal Television and Streaming, stated. "This custom pumpkin beer provides a fresh, unique way for fans and beer fanatics alike to quench their thirst with a taste of Chucky ahead of the season two premiere."

Though Elysian already makes plenty of pumpkin beers — including a whole "Pumpkin Pack" (which, for the record, doesn't include the Chucky beer) — co-founder Joe Bisacca explained that they brewery wanted to do something different for their collab. "This release is exactly what makes brewing pumpkin beers interesting. You can iterate with so many styles using the same common gourd ingredient," he said. "Chucky: A Killer Wit Beer is super drinkable and light, we think that it'll be enjoyed by a wide variety of palates. From the blood-red cranberry to the cinnamon notes, this limited-edition wit encapsulates many of the fall flavors our drinkers love."

Despite being a limited release, Chucky: A Killer Wit Beer is available now at select bars and retailers across the country. (Elysian says diehard Chucky fans can use the beer finder on their website to help hunt down a retailer near them.) Meanwhile, the second season of Chucky the show premieres on Wednesday, October 5.

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