It's a pizza that both looks like and includes candy corn.

Credit: Courtesy of Chuck E. Cheese's

In most of the world it's October, but not so at Chuck E. Cheese's. There, it is the annual celebration known as "Chucktober," and also there, you can get Candy Corn Pizza. Beginning October 16 (Chucktober 16?), the family dining and entertainment chain is bringing to its unique pizza lineup the Candy Corn Pizza, a white pizza with Chuck E. Cheese's "traditional crust" that uses a combination of cheeses to style itself after the polarizing Halloween sweet.

A look at the Chuck E. Cheese's Candy Corn Pizza tells most of the story. Atop the center of the pie is a circle of melted garlic mozzarella cheese, which forms the white candy corn "tip." Around it, a ring of sharp cheddar cheese creates, what Chuck E. Cheese's calls, a "multi-colored tapered appearance" which is "just like the candy."

Now, in a world where, as of a month ago, someone has actually put real candy corn on pizza, you may be wondering, is Charles Entertainment Cheese content to use the medium of pizza to merely evoke the tripled colored candy for which it's named? Not so! For each Candy Corn Pizza, available through October 31, will be served along with two individual servings of candy corn, for what Chuck E. Cheese's calls "the perfect mix of sweet and savory."

Is the word "mix" here a hint that the side just may be meant as a DIY topping? There's no way to know until you try, but if you can somehow get yourself to wait just a few extra days, you and your family can stop by Chuck E. Cheese's on Halloween between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. for hourly giveaways of free Candy Corn Pizza slices, while supplies last. If they don't last, you can always get Chuck E. Cheese's other Chucktober pizza, the Mac-Cheesy, which features a creamy cheese sauce mixed with elbow macaroni, melted Colby cheese, and 100 percent whole milk mozzarella cheese, though somehow, no candy.