By FWx Editors
Updated December 21, 2015

Here in the United States we generally conjure up similar Rockewellian images of Christmas dinner this time of year that involve golden roast turkeys, snow falling outside the window and Uncle Tom picking fights about what kids are learning on the Snapchats nowadays (Oh, you don’t get that from Rockwell paintings?). But Christmas dinner in America is more than these classical notions and it’s even more diverse in other parts of the world. Kate Arnell, of the BBC’s Anglophenia wants to take you on a quick tour of Christmas dinners around the world—from the aforementioned roast turkey to the almost never mentioned (and with good reason) fermented skate in Iceland.

Check out the video above for a full rundown and find out why Japan has a Christmas fascination with KFC and not with Annual Gift Man, as most of us assumed.