It turns out people are really into "reindeer corn."
Candy Canes
Credit: Mykhailo Lukashuk/Getty Images

Christmas might not be as big a candy holiday as Halloween or Easter, but thanks to things like stockings, an increased intake of desserts, and the crippling depression of winter darkness (stupid Earth and its tilted axis!), Christmas is a big sweets season nonetheless.

But what candies do people gravitate towards come December? The experts over at have once again crunched the numbers, not only looking at the top candies in every state, but also seeing how trends have changed from last year.

The biggest takeaways from this year’s research – compiled from customer surveys and discussions with industry professionals – is that Reese’s and reindeer corn have seen interest grow, while the classic Pez has seen its numbers slip. Last year, Reese’s Cup Minis topped three states, but this year, the smaller peanut butter cups are the favorite in ten states. Similarly, reindeer corn was only in the top three of three different states in 2017, but this year, the recolored take on candy corn has made the list of 13 states. Meanwhile, Pez – which surprisingly ranked as the most popular candy choice in eight states last year – only led three states this year.

So what’s the top candy in your state? Here are the candy’s that were popular enough to lead in at least one state and the places where they are most loved.

Want more info? You can see the top three in all 50 states and the District of Columbia over at

Reese’s Cup Minis – Arizona, California, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas

Candy Canes – Delaware, Georgia, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Washington

M&M’s – District of Columbia, Iowa, Idaho, Kentucky, South Carolina, Virginia

Peppermint Bark – Kansas, Nevada, Tennessee, Wisconsin, West Virginia

Reindeer Corn – Alabama, Connecticut, Michigan, Rhode Island, Utah

Snickers – Florida, Mississippi, North Carolina, New York

Starburst – Arkansas, Hawaii, Missouri, Oklahoma

Hersey's Kisses – Alaska, Colorado, Nebraska

Pez – Louisiana, New Mexico, Ohio

Chocolate Santas – North Dakota, Wyoming

Reese’s Pieces – Montana