Thank you, Chrissy.
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Chrissy Teigen
Credit: © Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images for Visa

“I will now share my favorite things,” declared Chrissy Teigen on Twitter on Monday afternoon—and that is exactly what she did. In a series of 30 tweets, the model, television host and recent cookbook author (her cookbook Cravings came out on February 23!) revealed to the Twitterverse her preferred everything edible.

From three-Michelin-star restaurants (see: “everything and everybody at @LeBernardinNY”) to fast food (see: “ranch doritos locos tacos at taco bell”), Teigen put a spotlight on all of her favorites—and didn’t discriminate.

Most of the dishes Teigen called out hailed from New York City or Los Angeles, like the squid ink spaghetti at Babbo, the BLT at Joan’s on Third and the cherry pie at Sweet Lady Jane. The solo non-coastal plate she highlighted was the hot chicken at Hattie B’s in Nashville.

Teigen made sure we noticed that each tweet covered an important food group— think pasta, tacos, “healthy times,” sweets.

The one category she couldn’t conquer? Casual pizza. We will be sending Chrissy our list of best pizza places in the U.S. to help her find a favorite.

Aside from pizza, Teigen’s list was definitive and extensive, and will surely guide her New York and L.A. fans to delicious eats in the near future. However, Teigen’s selfless gift to us wasn’t without sacrifice—typing it all made her sick!