The model and social media star inspired "Delicious Cream Times Soup" via her Twitter account.
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Credit: Al Evans/Downtown Photo

When the great breakfast battle of 2018 began, no one could have predicted this particular outcome—until Twitter titan Chrissy Teigen got involved, that is. It all started on Jan 26, when Good Morning America posted a segment on the definition of "eggs."

Panera launched the first volley as part of the rollout for its new line of made-to-order breakfast sandwiches, which, they say, feature "100% real eggs." The chain's move? Petitioning the FDA to change the rules over what can be called "eggs" on a menu, asking that only "food made from a cracked shell egg without addition of additives or further processing" be allowed to bear the egg name. Competitors that use pre-cooked frozen egg patties or bulk liquid eggs, they say, should have to use the phrase "egg product."

Which is where Chrissy Teigen comes in. Responding to GMA's tweet, she voiced her agreement on egg classification., saying "Yes I agree only actual eggs should be called eggs," and adding that "their broccoli cheddar soup should be called delicious cream times."

Well, in a major twist, it turns out that Panera actually agrees. Last night, the tides of soup naming convention shifted just a bit when Teigen tweeted a photo of a Panera soup in a container labeled, yes, "Delicious Cream Times Soup," which she appears to be holding in her own home.

No, there's no word on whether non-Chrissy Teigens can buy Delicious Cream Times Soup just yet (though it is now listed on Panera's site), but it's clear that the model/TV host/social media expert's 2018 is shaping up to be as big at least as a food year as her 2017. And if you're wondering, no, the Panera egg naming case is unlikely to be ruled on by the FDA, since it doesn't affect food safety, no matter how important you think names are.