Teigen's McDonald's commercial debuted during the Golden Globes telecast.
Chrissy Teigen
Credit: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

Bed-spaghetti eater, banana crowd-sourcer, and possible lifestyle brand-haver Chrissy Teigen can add yet another section to her LinkedIn profile as of last night's Golden Globes broadcast: McDonald's spokesperson. More specifically, it seems of McDonalds' new Dollar Menu. First, she retweeted a video from McDonald's advertising the new, somewhat confusing to punctuate $1 $2 $3 Dollar Menu, praising the Sausage McMuffin with egg, with a "BRB" that foreshadowed something more.

That something more, it turned out, was a McDonald's commercial that aired during a Golden Globes already filled with great food moments, starring Teigen as herself. In it, she pulls up to a McDonald's drive and orders a "they never feed you at those things" meal, which turns out to be five cheeseburgers and five McChickens, all for a dollar each. It's revealed that during an unspecified award show resembling the Oscars, the model and TV host searched her gift bag for food to no avail, and headed out to grab some.

Back in her seat, she hands out the food to her fellow show attendees, providing what could be the cheapest Hollywood award show meal ever and closing out the ad, which already has over two million views on Twitter alone. Teigen followed up the commercial's debut with another tweet.

Whether the decision to work for the world's largest restaurant chain will affect Teigen's image as the 2010's ultimate "just like us" celebrity remains to be seen, but she's the latest in a long line of people to lend their fame to the golden arches. While mainly athletes, for example, Michael Jordan, Lebron James, and Wayne Gretzky, McDonald's has also featured actors like Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen (though only in France), and musicians like Beyonce and Destiny's Child, Little Richard, and the Godfather of Soul himself.

In the 21st century, though, the nature of celebrity and advertising has changed more than in past decades combined, as demonstrated both by Teigen's social media following, and Mindy Kaling's stealth, web-only ads for McDonald's last year, which didn't even mention the restaurant by name. But however it all evolves, Justin Timberlake will probably still have given the company the most bang for their buck, as his 2003 song "I'm Lovin' It" continues to be the fast food giant's slogan to this day, even as its authorship remains contested.