By Joey Skladany
Updated January 10, 2017
© VCG/Getty Images

He may look pretty, but Chris Pratt's knife skills are far from cute.

In conjunction with his nature-themed Vanity Fair cover shoot, the Passengers star taped an "informational" video on how to properly gut and fillet a fish.

The unlucky sea bass, sourced from freshwater Lake Perris, CA (try to wrap your head around that one), falls victim to an unskilled Pratt, who first cuts off the fish's "hand," cooks its flesh in a metal bucket and releases the remaining carcass to be caught "next year."

While the video is humorous in its intent, that doesn't excuse the actor from wasting a perfectly good fish! (Seriously, the recipe options are endless.)

Check out the clip below and pray that you only need Pratt to fend off velociraptors and not cook your next camping trip dinner.