The Avengers stars dined at Better Half. 

Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr.
Credit: Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

Something amazing went down in Georgia this weekend.

On Saturday night at the Atlanta, Georgia restaurant Better Half, Avengers stars Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. had what appears to be the most entertaining dinner date of all time. Rather than doing the normal celeb-at-dinner routine of keeping a low profile, Evans and Downey Jr. visited the kitchen to take photos with everyone, even striking very dramatic poses.

"Sometimes we have the chance to feed heroes," read the caption of the restaurant's Instagram photo. "Last night, it was these exceptional gents."

But wait, it gets better. Another photo shows Evans a.k.a. Captain America taking shots with everyone at the bar, and the jealousy we feel is actually causing us physical pain.

Better Half is a restaurant that emerged from the husband-and-wife team behind a successful local supper club, PushStart Kitchen. The restaurant serves chef's counter tasting menus as well as Southern-inflected pub fare, including deviled country ham, chipotle cheese balls, roasted trout with cornbread pudding and Coca Cola cake.

The actors, joined by Brie Larson, Scarlett Johansson and Mark Ruffalo, are in town filming the latest installment of the Marvel Avengers series. Seeing as Evans and Downey Jr. had such a great time, we suspect they'll return, so if you live in the area, you may want to post up there for the next couple of weeks. We're kidding. Sort of?