Hasbro's upcoming game dangles snacks from a piece of royal headgear.
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hasbro chow crown
Credit: Courtesy of Hasbro

Games can cover the spectrum from very serious and strategic to completely silly: For every Scrabble or Settlers of Catan, there’s a Hungry Hungry Hippos or Cards Against Humanity. And though more involved board games have made a comeback as of late, a market will always exist for the ridiculous party game that can be played with minimal thought: So say hello to Chow Crown—a forthcoming Hasbro game that challenges you to literally eat snacks.

Set to be released in fall of this year, Chow Crown is as simple as it is simply ridiculous. This literal crown (you wear it like a hat) has six hanging forks that dangle around your head, occasionally coming within striking distance of your mouth. Like some torturous version of musical chairs for hungry people, once you hit start, the crown plays music and begins to spin, challenging you to eat as many of the attached snacks as possible. “What snacks exactly?” you may ask. Well, in this game, some parts are not included: You’re free to attach any snacks you want to the tiny forks. The site Mashable recently got to test play the game and used fare like pretzels, potato chips, cheese, fruits, and marshmallows. The test players’ general assessment: It’s harder than it looks.

Needless to say, Chow Crown would likely be a hit a children’s parties, though clearly it has potential for adults as well. Maybe you could pepper in some secretly spicy foods to create some sort of Chow Crown roulette. Or heck, it could probably even serve a practical purpose—an unconventional fun diet plan to keep you from downing an entire bag of Doritos in one sitting. However people decide to use it—and if that Pie Face game taught us anything—we shouldn't be surprised to see this everywhere towards the end of 2018.