Fabulous high-low chocolate finds.

By Nick Fauchald
Updated March 31, 2015

Marshmallow Chocolate

High: Pierre Marcolini covers his airy marshmallows with high-quality dark chocolate. $17 for six pieces; marcolini chocolatier.com.

Low: Sanborn’s Candies’ chewy marshmallows are coated with milk chocolate. $10 for an 8 oz box; sanbornscandies.com.

Peanut Butter Chocolate

High: Vosges finishes its organic peanut butter–filled chocolates with sea salt. $27 for nine; vosgeschocolate.com.

Low: Cream-Nut clusters are filled with a blend of smooth peanut butter and white chocolate. $11 for five; koeze.com.

Single-Origin Chocolate

High: Hotel Chocolat’s "Purist" line includes a bar made with beans from its farm in St. Lucia. $7.50 per bar; hotelchocolat.com.

Low: The Cacao Reserve line from Hershey includes four single-origin milk and dark-chocolate bars. $2.50 per bar; hersheys.com.

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