Citrus? Meet chocolate.

By Clara Olshansky
Updated November 10, 2017

If you've eaten just about all the chocolate and peanut butter desserts you could possibly want in one lifetime and you've baked just about all the chocolate and caramel recipes you could find, it may be time to find a new favorite chocolate flavor combination. No worries: orange is here, in all its sweet, citrus-y goodness, to be chocolate's best friend.

Bittersweet Chocolate-Truffle Tart with Candied Oranges

This delicious tart combines the bitterness of the chocolate with the sweetness of the candied orange to make the delightful (and gorgeous) tart seen above.

Bittersweet-Chocolate Bark with Candied Orange Peels


Not much of a baker? If you can boil water and use a saucepan, then you can still get your bittersweet chocolate and candied orange fix with this chocolate bark.

White Chocolate Cake with Orange Marmalade Filling

If bittersweet isn't really your thing—after all, why mess with sweet?—this white chocolate cake topped with candied orange peels and filled with marmalade may be more your style.

White Chocolate Citrus Parfait

Another white chocolate option is this delicious parfait, made with white chocolate mousse, orange juice, and navel oranges.

Blood Orange and Chocolate Trifle

Want your layered dessert to be a little lighter? (Flavor-wise. Darker, color-wise.) Try this trifle with dark chocolate, slices of blood orange, Cointreau, honey, cinnamon, and a lot of skim ricotta cheese.

Black and Orange Cookies

From black bean soup to spicy cheddar crackers to a creamy pumpkin lasagna, these orange and black foods are perfectly hued for the holiday.
| Credit: John Kernick

From black bean soup to spicy cheddar crackers to a creamy pumpkin lasagna, these orange and black foods are perfectly hued for the holiday.

John Kernick John Kernick

Half moon cookies are delicious, but, of course, life isn't always black and white. For a citrusy twist on the New York classic, try making these black and orange cookies.

Mandarin Chocolate Cake

Orange liqueur, strong coffee, and a lot of chocolate make this cake pack a serious punch.

Toasted Panettone with Orange Mascarpone Cream

If your friends busted out their Christmas playlists as soon as midnight struck on November 1st, why shouldn't you start planning your Christmas baking? Step up your panettone game with this dark chocolate, orange, and mascarpone recipe.

Chocolate-Stout Tiramisu

Chocolate-orange-ify your tiramisu with chocolate stout and orange liqueur.

Tequila Sunset

Credit: © Carey Jones

For a drinkable chocolate and orange option, try this combination of tequila, orange juice, chocolate-and-chili liqueur, and agave. Patron's XO Café Incendio may have been discontinued, but you can always use Kahlua's Chili Chocolate liqueur.