By Mike Pomranz
Updated April 28, 2015

Not everyone can be a master chocolatier, crafting amazing creations like miniature chocolate skulls or a life-sized chocolate Benedict Cumberbatch. But for chocolate-building beginners, this concept from Japan might be just the entry-level tool you're looking for: chocolate Legos.

Designer Akihiro Mizuuchi created precise Lego molds, allowing chocolate to be cast into fully functional Lego bricks, produced in different sizes and four flavors: milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate and strawberry.

Unfortunately, although Mizuuchi designed these babies over a year ago and they’ve received plenty of international attention, the Lego chocolates are not for sale—possibly because Lego might not be pleased that the molds are so detailed they even imprint the Lego logo on these unofficial tiny little bricks.

You can see some of Mizuuchi's final Lego constructions on the Sparebutton website.