Chocolate lovers, add this to your vacation bucket list. 

By Elisabeth Sherman
Updated August 30, 2017

If you’re planning on visiting Iceland, you might want to stop by Halldór Kristján Sigurðsson’s Chocolate Trailer. Sigurðsson has been making chocolate since 1997, and now he’s teaching the art to students out of a small food truck in Reykjavík.

“My goal is to introduce people to the special taste and texture of Icelandic chocolate and to teach everyone easy but professional methods to make high-quality chocolates at home,” Sigurðsson explained to Lonely Planet.

Earlier this year, Sigurðsson had his small trailer custom-made in the Czech Republic, and soon after began teaching his chocolate making classes to tourists. During the 60-minute course, students make small chocolates using a mold in the shape of Iceland, which they get to keep. Though the class looks like a messy business—splatters of chocolate will make their way on to the table, your apron, and your hands, according to the video—you can hardly go wrong taking an intimate chocolate making class on vacation.

“I teach them to do a little chocolate dance and then people learn to make a mouth-watering filling from Icelandic ingredients, including milk chocolate,” he continued. “You can even add a drop of Icelandic whisky to the filling according to taste.”

Sigurðsson says that Icelandic chocolate is special because of the cream, milk, and sea salt used in its production. The chocolate he uses comes from a company called Nói Siríus, which was founded in 1920 and is still family owned.

The chocolate trailer is still a new venture for Sigurðsson, but he says it has already turned out to be a “great success.” As far as he knows, it’s the only trailer of its kind—where students can learn to make their own chocolates—in the world. Next, he hopes that the mobility of his trailer will let him expand the classes to other parts of Iceland, and even to other countries.

You can book your very own session with Sigurðsson on the Chocolate Trailer website.