Credit: © John Kernick

We owe a big doth of our bowler cap to redditor oppleTank who unearthed stories about a fart pill…stay with us…that makes your farts smell like chocolate. French inventor and free-spirited hippy Christian Poincheval created the pill and calls it Pilule Pet. After about a week of use it is supposed to alter your gaseous episodes so that the odor given off is that of chocolate, violets or actual roses (looks like Andre 3000 was wrong after all). If you go to Poincheval’s website you might be suspicious, as it looks like the sort of site created just after the Geocities era ended by spammers promising you pills that perform certain other functions below the waist.

But thanks to a trip to northern France by Amar Toor of the Verge last year, we can safely conclude that, whether or not his pills work, there is nothing malicious about Poincheval’s business. The inventor is simply a former gypsy jazzman into fun ideas. He also previously invented award-winning toilet paper with news stories printed on each sheet intended to educate while you defecate (pictured below).

The two most important questions about Pilule Pet, of course: Are the pills safe and do they work. According to Poincheval the pills are all-natural (he’s into homeopathic medicine) and have been approved by French authorities. However, it’s worth noting that because they are considered dietary supplements and not drugs, the FDA in the United States doesn’t take a position on them one way or the other before they come to market. But between French approval and years of sales without any reports of people filling with chocolate-scented gas and spontaneously exploding, we’re willing to at least try them.

Their effectiveness however, is more dubious. According to Toor, who spoke with a gastroenterologist, the notion of creating perfumed farts was “questionable.” And after several days Toor himself didn’t notice a difference in the smell of his releases. But ridding the world of smelly farts doesn’t seem to be Poincheval’s main objective. He told Toor that he wanted his pills to “provoke discussions and debate…and try to liberate the fart.” So…Liberté, égalité, farternité.

Pilule Pet are available for about $21 for 60 capsules.