Sculpted Chocolate Eggs
Credit: © Ann Charlott Ommedal/Bompas & Parr

Unless you are 10, chocolate eggs probably stopped truly exciting you long ago. But that is probably because you never thought about having your face sculpted onto one. The mad scientists from Bompas and Parr—the London-based collective behind Cooking with Lava, glow in the dark ice cream and New York’s erotic museum Funland—just launched their latest project Eat Your Face. Through the magic of 3-D scanning and printing, the team plans to create enormous chocolate eggs in your likeness.

In order to pull off the fully customized eggs, they first scan your face (or your boyfriend’s face or your dog’s face) and 3-D print it in nylon, which is then wrapped around a plastic mold. From there, they line the molds in chocolate and a few hours later out comes this:

Sure, it's a little creepy—OK, it's a lot creepy. But it's also one-of-a-kind. According to a B&P rep they don’t come cheap though. Each mold will cost about $4,800, although you do get to keep it so you can fill your house with chocolate likenesses of yourself all year round.

Anyone who wants to start the molding process can email Bompas and Parr here.