This treat sounds like a mixed basket.

cheese and chocolate egg
Credit: © Michael Wissing / Diana Miller / Getty Images

There are some people who just don’t like chocolate all that much. (No, we’re not sure what’s wrong with them either, but to each their own.) If you find yourself leaning more toward Team Savory, supermarket chain Iceland Foods has the perfect Easter treat for you: a cheese and white chocolate egg called the Cheaster Egg.

The sweet and cheesy seasonal item was the subject of an online poll that UK-based grocery chain Iceland Foods held on their Facebook page. Fans had their choice between a cheddar egg with white chocolate curls or a Wensleydale egg with white chocolate and raspberry curls. Wensleydale won out, and it’s probably for the best as the light-colored cheese has a mild, slightly sweet flavor. Granted, we’re talking white chocolate here, so while the concept of “cheese and chocolate” sounds a little unappealing, the cheddar could actual fare well with a less cocoa-y counterpart.

Iceland Foods sports over 800 locations in the UK alone, and a few dozen more in nine other countries globally. The chain focuses mostly on frozen foods, but does offer some fresh produce and other perishables including the Cheaster Eggs. Each egg retails for £3, or about USD $3.75.

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It’s not the first time cheese has danced down the candy aisle. A Japanese company once offered wine and cheese pairing gummies. And earlier this year, a cheese company started selling strawberry, grape and fruit punch flavors to the delight/chagrin of the Internet. Of course, if there’s no room in your Easter basket for sweets, The Sun also points out that there’s an all-cheese egg available for your hunting pleasure. The Cheester Egg (don’t confuse the two) is made entirely of Napier cheese, which was voted “London’s favourite cheese” in 2015. Those eggs sell for a heftier £14.95, so probably best not to hide them by the dozen.

[h/t The Sun]