But is a chocolate Twinkie really a Twinkie?

chocolate cake twinkies
Credit: Hostess Brands, LLC

The “gold standard” snack cake you know and love just got a major update: chocolate. Hostess has announced the arrival of Chocolate Cake Twinkies, swapping the traditional yellow sponge cake with chocolate. Don’t worry, the cream filling is staying the same. It’s not the only major Twinkie-related announcement either. The brand also says their fudge-covered variety, Chocodiles, will sport larger cake sizes and even more cream filling. Both are available nationwide today.

Twinkies have been around since 1930, when they were invented as a way to keep using shortcake pans outside of strawberry season. Sold at the irresistible price of two for a nickel, they almost immediately became as much a part of the fabric of America as apple pie. Hostess’ oblong snack cakes have since reached immortal status, as a pop culture reference, a nostalgic childhood favorite and, yes, being used to lure escaped baboons back to a Cincinnati wildlife park. And they’re, some say, literally immortal due to their supposed apocalypse-surviving shelf stability. While the science of that is debatable, President Clinton did include a Twinkie in the Millennium Time Capsule in the year 2000.

Twinkies have been remixed in a number of ways, from Pumpkin Pie to Ghostbusters-inspired green slime filling to deep fried. Dozens have been combined into towering wedding cakes and you can now enjoy them in cappuccino form. Hostess has also come out with Twinkies and Sno Balls ice creams. They’re even great as a bun for hotdogs topped with spray cheese (according to “Weird Al” Yankovic, anyway).

According to Hostess, the chocolate cake variety was the result of “consumer flavor trends” and that “in a blind taste test in which the vast majority of consumers said Chocolate Cake Twinkies met or exceeded expectations.” Perhaps even the ardent fans of Suzy Q’s cakes will have a new favorite.

Hey, it’s chocolate cake with cream filling. Can you really go wrong?