A 30-second guide to 30 years in food history: the evolution of chocolate.


Luxe chocolate from Switzerland (Lindt), Belgium (Godiva, Neuhaus) and France (Valrhona), soon to be followed by Italy (Amedei), becomes America’s haute candy of choice. European chocolate boutiques appear on NYC’s Fifth Avenue.



Chocolatiers in America get more ambitious. Bay Area–based Guittard Chocolate expands its line of artisanal chocolates, Ghiradelli opens stores around the country and star pastry chef Jacques Torres gets ready to launch a chocolate factory in Brooklyn.


The eco trend hits the chocolate world. Dagoba is founded in 2001; a few years later, it opens one of America’s first organic chocolate factory in Ashland, Oregon. The Green & Black’s line becomes as ubiquitous in the U.S. as it is in the U.K., where it outsells Lindt.