The Olympic snowboarder won a medal for Team USA, and won our hearts with her unabashed love of food. 
Chloe Kim food Twitter
Credit: Tim Clayton - Corbis/Getty Images

It's only day four of the Olympics, and I’m already ready to declare a winner: It’s the teens. Snowboarder Red Gerard, age 17, as you probably know, stayed up too late watching Netflix, over slept, couldn’t find his coat, had to borrow one, and then raced to his slopestyle event, where he ended up capturing the gold medal. And then there’s his teammate, Chloe Kim. She’s also 17, and she also just won the gold medal in her event, the halfpipe. If you’re not already obsessed with her, let me help you along: She’s also an expert at tweeting about food.

Take this tweet, which she wrote in between runs during the halfpipe qualifier. Maybe extreme physical activity coupled with levels of pressure most people her age don’t even experience during the SATs makes her crave junk food?

Or this one, which she posted just before winning her gold medal. Chloe, didn’t anyone ever tell you that breakfast is still the most important meal of the day, even when you’re skipping chemistry class to go to the Olympics?

Here’s her take on how to cure nervousness (hint: it has to do with indulging your sweet tooth).

If you follow any food account during the Olympic Games, you’ll want it to be Chloe Kim’s. She’s so much more than just one of the most impressive athletes on Team USA. She’s also got an appetite that all of us regular people can relate to. Since long before she headed to Pyeongchang to fulfill her wildest dreams and make her country proud, she was gorging on pizza in between training sessions, stopping by In-N-Out with her dad, and snacking on Hot Cheetos (in fact, probably the only thing she and I will ever have in common is our love of Cheetos).

Still not convinced? Let me give you another reason to become Chloe Kim's biggest fan. She really loves her dog.

Update 2/13: David Chang, the Olympics official food correspondent, surprised Chloe with churro ice cream following her win.