By FWx Editors
Updated May 15, 2014
© Nina Barcellona

Today is National Chocolate Chip Day, so we wanted to use that time to turn cookie lovers against one another with some of the most fiercely contested food debates of all time. Whatever your opinion on chocolate chip cookies, we’re willing to bet it is very particular. So let us know what side of these arguments you come down on by tweeting @foodandwine with the #cookiewars

Chips vs. Chunks

This debate got new life several years ago when Jacques Torres decided that both sides were wrong and started using chocolate disks, which melt into rich seams of chocolate through his flat, exceptional cookies.

Crunchy vs. Chewy

An argument as old as cookies themselves. There was some compelling research done by John Allen out of Harvard that says humans gravitate toward crispy foods partly for evolutionary reasons and partly because we just like the sound of the word (the onomatopoeia of the word crunch prepares our brain to taste something delicious). Who are we to argue with a Harvard man?

Salted vs. Unsalted

This is all the rage now. Once the hive mind of international sweet tooths decided that chocolate and sea salt were a perfect match, grandmas with traditional recipes and upstart pastry chefs became engaged a bitter battle.

To Dunk or Not to Dunk

At least Dominique Ansel’s milk-and-cookie shot seems to have put this fight to bed. No need to dunk when the cookie is full of milk.

The Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie: Is This Even a Chocolate Chip Cookie?

No, it is not. Whoever came up with this must have wanted a brownie but didn’t own a baking pan.

When Eating Raw Cookie Dough, How Much is Appropriate to Leave for Actual Cookies?

We put the over/under at 50 percent of the dough.