Credit: Abby Hocking

In the aftermath of Chipotle’s long-running e. coli nightmare, the brand’s top brass announced they’d be pushing tons of freebies to try and win back customers. First, it was free burritos. Now, in a partnership with Avocados From Mexico, Chipotle is offering up a free orders of chips and guacamole. However, this offer has a caveat: You have to play the company’s silly “Guac Hunter” game to get your hands on the delicious green stuff.

From today until the end of the month, lovers of guacamole and Photo Hunt can head over to and play Chipotle’s spot the difference game to win free chips and guac. Spoiler alert: The game says you have to get through all three rounds to win your “prize,” but I bombed on level three and was still given a chance to sign up for my freebie – a development that is sure to make the “everybody gets a ribbon” crowd happy.

Spoiler alert #2: All the photo comparisons are between pictures of guacamole. Kind of boring, right? Maybe they’ll follow with a version of Erotic Guac Hunter in the near future.