Chipotle Is Sharing Official Secret Menu Hacks on TikTok

The social media clips help demonstrate the burrito chain's new "Complete Customization" feature.

Part of Chipotle Mexican Grill's appeal is that not only can you watch the staff make your meal, but they're also receptive to customer customizations while they're doing it. Want to mix two kinds of meat? Fine. Want a little bit of extra cheese? Sure. Want a quesadilla even though it isn't on the menu? Why the hell not!

But as restaurants have moved to online ordering—both by choice and, more recently, due to the coronavirus pandemic—Chipotle had lost a bit of that personal touch… until now, that is. This week, the burrito chain announced a new app feature: Complete Customization—a small but helpful tweak that lets users indicate "light, standard, or extra" for all ingredients simply by swiping right to bring up these additional options.

Chipotle Secret Menu TikTok

"We're working to integrate everything fans love about Chipotle restaurants into our app," Curt Garner, Chipotle's chief technology officer, said in the announcement. "The interactions between our employees and customers moving down the line is so important, and Complete Customization lets our fans replicate the nuances of their favorite orders digitally."

Next, to help show people how this new feature works, Chipotle turned to an app other than its own that's known for effectively explaining anything: TikTok. Chipotle's TikTok account has been featuring videos of its new official "TikTok Hack Menu" including DIY Nachos, The Extra Dip, and Taco Salad. (If you don't have a TikTok account, don't worry. You can still click the links and easily watch the videos. No dancing talent required.)

Admittedly, handling these hacks at home takes a bit more work than it might in-store where you could potentially convince the person behind the glass to help you out. For instance, the DIY Nachos require you to order a burrito bowl and chips and queso separately and then put the whole thing together yourself. It's far from difficult, but it's also one step closer to just making nachos on your own.

And sadly, though Complete Customization can make some hacks easier, the update isn't entirely "complete" because it still doesn't let you order the aforementioned quesadilla (at least an adult portion). That said, I believe Curt Garner when he implies they're still "working" on these kinds of things. That's what CTOs are for!

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