Wyoming’s population may be small, but they apparently love their burritos.
Chipotle Is Giving Away FREE Burritos. Here’s How to Get One
Credit: William Brandon—Chipotle

Today is National Burrito Day, and to honor the occasion, Chipotle Mexican Grill dug into its extensive sales data to see which states consumed the most burritos—as well as offer up other stats about Chipotle preferences around the country.

Due to the differing populations, ranking states by burrito consumption isn’t as easy as simply counting tortillas. Instead, the chain began by looking at sales from October 2016 to October 2017 and then adjusted for the number of transactions per person in each state.

In theory, that methodology should put all states on equal footing, and indeed America’s least populous state, Wyoming, topped the list when it came to burrito consumption, followed by Montana, Utah, Colorado, and Idaho. Deep breath on the rest of the states: New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Washington, Arizona, Wisconsin, Kansas, Iowa, Nevada, Nebraska, Ohio, California, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Missouri, Michigan, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Virginia, Arkansas, Mississippi, Maryland, Indiana, Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Jersey, Kentucky, District of Columbia, Illinois, Delaware, Tennessee, South Carolina, Florida, North Carolina, New York, Texas, Georgia and Alabama in that order! (Fun side game: Apparently three states don’t have Chipotles. Can you figure out who they are without cheating?!)

Chipotle used the same system to rank other menu items as well. For instance, the brand’s tofu-based sofrita is most popular in Utah, followed by Vermont, Maine, and Idaho. But when it comes to meat, Wyoming, Montana and New Mexico are the three states that order the most barbacoa, carnitas, chicken, and steak.

As far as other fillings are concerned, Maryland, Kansas and Ohio consumed the most white rice, while Wyoming, Delaware and Alabama were at the top with brown. And overall, Ohio bought the most rice, more than twice what was consumed in Tennessee, which was dead last in the rice category. What about beans? New Mexico, Arizona, and Wyoming were tops with pinto beans; Utah, Florida and Idaho were downing the most black beans. Meanwhile, Maine opts for the most guacamole. And Ohio orders more sour cream and cheese than anywhere else in the country.

Possibly the most interesting takeaway, however, is about spice: New Mexico, Texas and Arizona lead the way in ordering the most spicy red salsa, while Maryland, Virginia and Florida go with the far milder Pico de Gallo. Now we know which states have the most sensitive taste buds.