This Chipotle ‘Hack’ Won’t Make You Any Friends Behind the Counter

You’ll probably receive some extra side-eye with your order.

Diners are more enamored with delivery and take-out food than ever before. But though these options have their advantages, some parts of dining-in can’t be replicated. Like food integrity: At a restaurant, the food is served exactly as it’s supposed to be eaten; after a 45 minute trip home bouncing around and cooling down in your car, not so much.

chipotle overhead shot of meats
Courtesy of John Johnston / Chipotle

Twitter user Josh Williams thought he had found a solution to this problem – at least when it came to ordering to-go at Chipotle – and over the weekend, he shared this “hack.” “Started asking the folks at Chipotle to individually package my ingredients so I can assemble it all at home,” he wrote, accompanied by a photo of a bag full of tiny plastic cups filled with ingredients. “Am I weird? Or brilliant?”

To be fair, he posed the question, and Twitter quickly answered. Some people appreciated his efforts, especially after he explained how he had to get the grub back to his kids at home. “I live 45 minutes from Chipotle now,” he later wrote. “If I take it home assembled, it gets cold and soggy.” But in general, Twitter’s sentiment was that he was neither brilliant, nor weird, but instead, he was just every quick-service employee’s nightmare. “Don't be this guy,” one user responded, in a tweet that racked up a lot of likes “Chipotle employees already slave away to long lines & a fast pace and you making them do this. You're cruel.”

Plenty of people agreed, including some users claiming to be current and former Chipotle employees. Yes, chains like Chipotle often maintain a “customer is always right” mentality, but the customer can have a heart too. In fact, when asked for comment, Chipotle even hinted at this idea. “We always want for our guests to enjoy their experience at our restaurants, and our restaurant teams are trained to accommodate special requests, within reason, as best they can,” the burrito chain told Munchies – leaving that “within reason” very open for interpretation.

Of course, beyond caring for the employees, other concerns pop up as well. All those tiny cups create extra waste. Or if all you want is ingredients, why not just head to the grocery store and make burritos at home? In the end, Williams summed up his whole Twitter experience thusly: “1. Chipotle Twitter is lit 2. I am what the kids call "extra af" 3. Line workers deserve more tips.” Our takeaway: If you can’t stand the heat, don’t tweet what’s coming out of the kitchen.

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