Here’s how to get your delivery fee-free burrito fix.

You never know when a burrito craving may strike. If you’re lucky, the pangs of hunger that can only be satisfied by beans, cheese, and proteins wrapped in a tortilla will occur right around lunch or dinner, when you can make the time to venture into the world for a burrito fix. But that’s not always the case, and sometimes your only recourse is to order one up to be delivered. If you’re a fan of Chipotle’s take on burritos and tacos, the chain is helping your wallet out with a promotion that promises to bring a fee-free meal to your door.

To promote Chipotle’s partnership with DoorDash as its delivery platform, the Tex-Mex chain is offering free delivery for online and Chipotle mobile app orders from August 27 through September 12. While delivery has been available via third parties before, and mobile ordering for pickup has been offered at Chipotle outlets, this launch formalizes the brand’s delivery availability across 1,800 of its restaurants nationwide. As a statement from Chipotle points out, customers who have come to expect customization in-store and in their mobile orders will now be able to get the same personalization delivered.

Here’s how to get your lunch, dinner, or (we won’t judge) snack delivered for free: First, download the Chipotle mobile app or head to to place your order. The offer is good on purchases of $10 or more (not including tax and tip), so make sure to add chips or splurge on the guac. No other promo code is necessary.

Of course, mentioning Chipotle these days often brings to mind the recent spate of health issues and food-borne illnesses the company has faced. To that end, earlier this month Chipotle announced that it would be implementing a quarterly food safety training in an attempt to ward off any future issues.

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