The fast casual chain is offering a buy-one-get-one-free deal to nurses next week. 

Nurses have some of the most stress-inducing, thankless jobs out there. They deserve all the treats they can possibly get. What better way to reward all of their (often lifesaving) work than with free food?

Chipotle agrees, so on June 14, they’re giving nurses a special deal: As long as you bring in your work ID to any Chipotle in the U.S. or Canada, you’ll be able to get a free order of tacos, a burrito, burrito bowl, or salad, with the purchase of another entrée.

The BOGO deal as Chipotle is calling it, applies to all types of nurses, and is good for the entire day.

Chipotle has a history of generosity when it comes to free food giveaways at least: Earlier this year, the chain offered free chips and guacamole (which is notoriously expensive) but only if you could identify the recipe’s hidden secret ingredient on their website.

In an effort to win back customers after a stretch food safety scares that resulted in cases of salmonella, norovirus and E. coli, the chain rolled out a series of ploys that could earn you free food: One game that involved identifying their all-natural ingredients could win you a free burrito, while a "Happy Four Hours” promotion offered discounts on their margaritas. Last summer, they even launched a loyalty program that let customers get three free burritos after buying eight.

Clearly, the chain is still doing damage control after a disappointing year of scandal and low sales, but that’s good news for all of us who love their burritos and welcome the opportunity to cash in on any opportunity to eat there for free.

This time they’re targeting nurses, but we’re willing to bet that the chain will keep trying to buy back our loyalty, one occupation-based promotion at a time.