National Avocado Day might be over, but our love of guacamole is never-ending. 

chipotle free chips and guac
Credit: © William Brinson

In honor of National Avocado Day, Chipotle offered fans a deal any sane person would love: Free guacamole if you order an entrée online. Given that Chipotle infamously charges extra for guac on any regular day, people flocked to the website to get their free topping. So many people, in fact, that the Chipotle website crashed. Yes, Chipotle fans managed to break the internet.

The promotion was only supposed to last one day, but, thanks to its immense popularity, Chipotle has blessed us with another opportunity to add this beloved side to our meal. So, even though Avocado Day has come and gone, you still have a chance to cheers Instagram's favorite fruit.

All you have to do is order one entrée from the menu either through the chain’s online ordering site or mobile app (sorry, the offer isn’t valid in stores), and add guacamole to your order—it’s that simple. In fact, delivery is available all over the country now: The chain recently added the feature to 1,500 of its locations.

The deal is good through the end of the day today, so if you missed the first opportunity for free guacamole, this is your last chance. After that, you’ll just have to go back to paying extra for guacamole, but come on, has that extra charge ever stopped anyone from piling on the guac? Probably not.

Chipotle is still rebounding from the E.Coli breakout that scared customers away from the otherwise much loved fast-casual spot. The free guacamole deal almost certainly provided a boost in sales, but the chain isn’t free of its previous struggles: Recently, one location in Columbus, Ohio abruptly closed its doors over health concerns. Should that stop you from taking advantage of this Avocado Day deal? No—you’re safe. Yesterday, the health department inspected the location and gave it the green light to reopen.