By Aly Walansky
Updated June 02, 2016
Chipotle, Burrito
Credit: © Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg/Getty Images

After a turbulent series of public health scares, some people have been wary of Chipotle – however, one man has vowed to eat it every day for a year!

Devin Cunningham, who details his fitness-oriented lifestyle on social media, began this challenge in September in order to prove to people that fad diets are not necessary in order to meet fitness goals.

“I started this because I want to inspire people to be fit and not give up on their fitness goals. A lot of people try fad/crash diets like a no/low carb diet that does not work and then get discouraged very quickly. I want to show people that they can be fit while still enjoying the food they love. When you enjoy what you eat on your "diet", and you do it in moderation, it is that much easier to achieve your fitness goals….Many people said I was going to get fat and sick, so I wanted to prove them wrong. Plus, who wouldn’t want to eat Chipotle everyday for a year?!” he posted on his Facebook.

Fair point.

Of course, Cunningham’s plan was complicated when Chipotle’s E. coli crisis caused temporary shutdowns. To deal with the closures he had to drive from his home state of Washington up to British Columbia in order to buy burritos in bulk to freeze. That’s serious dedication.

Cunningham is now on day 315 of his yearlong diet and has actually LOST weight enjoying burritos and guacamole daily, all by monitoring nutrients and portion size.

We’ll have what he’s having.