Credit: © Wojtek Skora/Craig Warga/Bloomberg via Getty Images

A drone-filled future appears to be coming. At this point, it seems inevitable. What’s still unknown, however, is whether these miniature flying devices will find a way to make our lives better or simply turn our airspace into a dystopian nightmare. Well, if you’re looking for a reason to believe in the former instead of the latter, here’s some very positive drone news: Google and Chipotle have teamed up to deliver burritos by drone. Drone burritos don’t sound very dystopian to me!

The collaboration is part of Project Wing, a drone project within Google’s larger X lab. CNN Money reports the experiment will only be taking place at Virginia Tech University, only within a small closed site on campus during a small window of time. Still, that brief amount of time sounds like it will really kick ass, with students and employees in the chosen test site being able to order Chipotle burritos on a kiosk and then watch as an autonomous drone flies over and delivers the grub to them by lowering it via a tether. You haven’t eaten a burrito until you’ve eaten a burrito that was lowered on a tether.

Though flying burritos around on drones may sound like a fun trick, especially on a college campus, the people behind this project are taking it extremely seriously. “This is the most complex delivery flight operation that I am aware of that’s occurred on U.S. soil,” said Mark Blanks, director of the Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership, one of a select number of groups chosen by the FAA to test unmanned drones. So wait, does that mean Virginia Tech students can have burritos delivered to their rooms when they’re too hungover to get out of bed or not?