By Mike Pomranz
Updated September 25, 2014
Credit: © Brigette Supernova / Outer Focus Photos / Alamy

The restaurant business is all about consistency and repeat customers, so one Chinese chef cooked up a plan to consistently lace his noodles with poppy plants (the source of opium) in order to bring in more repeat customers. What could go wrong?

The doped up noodles came to light when a customer tested positive for opiates during a police-issued urine test. Pleading his innocence, the customer insisted that a restaurant he had recently eaten at might have been the culprit. After the arrest, the man’s relatives returned to the restaurant to try the food, and when the whole family came back drug positive, authorities moved in for the bust.

The restaurant’s owner later admitted he had purchased poppy buds, crushed them into a powder, and was adding that powder to the food, allegedly in an attempt to get customers hooked. Whatever happened to just setting up a good Groupon deal?

It’s a bizarre story. At least here in America, our restaurateurs sell their drugs alongside the meal, not mixed right in it. Isn’t that right, guy who just arrested for selling meth out of a taco truck?!