By Mike Pomranz
Updated October 29, 2015

Achieving food world records can be a fickle business. A Chinese city had to forfeit their record for largest serving of fried rice after Guinness World Records discovered the group behind the massive rice bowl had broken a key rule: their food wasn’t edible. Talk about splitting hairs.

The city of Yangzhou in east China assembled a group of 300 people to cook over 8,000 pounds of fried rice last Friday in celebration of their 2,500th anniversary. Assuring that the food would go to waste, event organizers originally claimed it would be distributed to students at four local schools, but Guinness World Record verifiers eventually uncovered that over 300 pounds of the fried rice were deemed inedible and sent off as pig feed instead.

“We will not be able to accept claims for large food items if they prove to be inedible, or if they are prepared in such a way as to make them unfit for general consumption,” said Sharon Yang, the Greater China marketing director for Guinness World Records.

The record now reverts back to the previous record holder, the Turkey Culinary Federation, who cooked 6,944.56 pounds of fried rice last year in Bolu, Turkey. At least it’s good to see the record going back to a country known for their fried rice.