Chinese consumers are looking for healthier options.

By Morgan Goldberg
Updated May 24, 2017
China Western Fast Food
Credit: © Zhang Peng / LightRocket via Getty Images

China is not lovin’ it. That is the takeaway from a recent McKinsey & Company report that shows a 16 percent drop in Western fast food consumption in China.

The management consultancy surveyed 10,000 people from 44 Chinese cities between September and November 2015. Fifty percent of their respondents said they were focused on eating healthy and nutritious food, which might explain why they're not eating McDonald's. China also saw a 21 percent drop in carbonated soft drink consumption, 15 percent drop in chewing gum consumption and 7 percent drop in ice cream consumption.

With 72 percent of Chinese consumers worried that the food they eat is harmful, people are looking for healthier options. It seems that Chinese consumers are more attracted to food branded as “organic” and “green” because they deem it safer, although there is no credible organic certification in China.

Food is not the only way Chinese consumers are channelling healthier lifestyles. The McKinsey report also shows that Chinese consumers are saving more money for healthcare and participating in more sports.