They say food quality is a major factor.

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Credit: Courtesy of Disney Cruise Line

It's not only harried parents who board Disney's cruises. In fact, a lot of child-free adults sail the open seas on the entertainment company's ships. A new industry analysis shows that child-free cruisers may enjoy the voyages more than parents. And the reason, according to the analysis, has a bit to do with the quality of Disney's food and drinks. recently released data that shows Disney Cruise Line rates higher with child-free passengers than those bringing their children with them. (That's not to say parents don't love the cruises too—just that the vacation is still an incredible draw to people who don't have young tots.) And, according to Bloomberg, one-fifth of Disney's adult passengers come without children, often during the school year.

Take Joanne and Gerald Gerrity, a Pennsylvania couple who spoke to Bloomberg for its report. They took their 100th Disney cruise last September. They don't have kids.

What keeps them coming back, and back, and back again? "Quality," Gerald Gerrity told the news wire. "The quality is there [in the] the food [and] the cleanliness."

In other words it's not all chicken fingers and fries on these ships. For example, on the Disney Dream, there's a Champagne bar called Pink. There, adults can sip on a wide variety of sparkling wines, Champagne, and cocktails set in a glittering room. The Ooh La La Lounge on the Disney Fantasy features velvet tufted walls and kid-unfriendly Victorian antique-style furniture, and offers a robust wine menu.

Adults can also roll up their sleeves and step into the kitchen on the Disney Fantasy, taking Northern Italian cooking classes alongside chefs, or can eat food from a French-inspired menu designed by a Michelin award-winning chef. And other adventures—such as a Bacardi rum tour in San Juan, Puerto Rico—aren't exactly kid-friendly. It sounds like there's quite a bit to do, as long as you don't mind someone in a giant, foam mouse head showing up from time to time.